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You’ve heard it all before
“Quality, Service, Integrity...
Blah blah blah...”

But we believe those words are better appreciated in action than as words on a webpage. We’re young, idealistic, hungry and ready to work really hard to prove ourselves. We’re creative, have fresh, new ideas and more than a little experience. We draw from more than a decade of building the best landscapes for some of the most reputable landscape companies in Southern Ontario. We’re capable, reliable, and know your expectations will be exceeded. We can prove it.

We promise to bring our best ideas to the kitchen table.

We promise to keep our pencils sharp. We promise to show up on time. And you’ll get our best work. We promise.

Your backyard is a canvas. Express yourself. Push the envelope. Enjoy life at a higher level. A future with more unique, design-driven landscapes is here. But we believe that creativity should blow your mind, not your budget.

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“We’re young, idealistic, hungry and ready to work our butts off to prove ourselves”