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Design your corner of the world.

Average just isn’t going to cut it. You’ve never been about the status quo. You want a custom fit. Consider a landscape filled with innovative ideas and design that will really up your style quotient. Why not explore the exciting possibilities right outside your back door?

We planit, artfully.

We love landscape design. We love bringing new ideas to life. But we know it can only be a success with solid planning that's based on a knowledge of what works. With that expertise, we make unique spaces that take your leisure time to a whole new level!

The Process

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    What’s your vision? How many ways can you imagine using your space? What‘s your wildest dream? (About your backyard, that is.) We'll start the whole process with a discussion around these questions. We can then offer further ideas to make it all come together beautifully.

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    Design Concept

    If you're happy with what's come out of our consultation, we‘ll get going on a solid plan. This is where the rubber really hits the road. The Design Concept is where highly creative ideas translate into real world spaces that work. We'll take site measurements, discuss the overall picture, consider elevations, easements and site challenges, and deliver a visual of your new space with components itemized and a clear idea of the cost.

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    Final Drawings & Plan

    With the design details and quote approved we'll finalize the drawings for installation. We‘ll advise you on when locates and municipal applications are needed. We‘ll also work out an agreeable timeline with you and schedule in any specialty trades, like gas or electrical contractors, where required for your project.

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    Right to schedule, we‘ll arrive on site to get started. If any extra space is needed for vehicles or bins, we‘ll have already worked that out with you.The project manager will keep you up to speed on progress and you can feel free to ask questions or air any concerns.

    We‘re strong on project management, which ensures we‘ll get the job done completely and without a hitch. Quite honestly, we love the Big Finish and we work hard on every project to make it an impressive one.

The top 3 things you can expect with a landscape designed and built by Planit Green:

  1. Creativity

    We’re driven by fresh, design-savvy thinking and we have a deep well of creative ideas to draw on. Combine that with over 10 years in the business and you have a team that can create a landscape that excites and fits you.

  2. Class

    It’s not a word we normally throw around, actually. But as a company, our mission is for our work and our conduct to be seen as tasteful, skillful and reflecting our high standards.

  3. Courtesy

    You won’t find us leaving your calls unanswered. Or failing to show up when we’ve set a date. You can expect all the courtesies that come with being thankful for your business: good communication, treating your property with respect and standing behind our workmanship.

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